Food and Beverage Service Re-opening

We are pleased to advise that as from Thursday 21st May, we will re-open food and beverage services on a limited basis to our members and guests.

At all times, we will be guided by and strictly comply with, relevant food and beverage safety guidelines as directed by the Cyprus Government. We therefore request members understanding that our team may not at least initially, be in a position to provide the range of food and beverage products and service levels they have strived to achieve over the past year.

The Half-Way House will resume full food and beverage service 7 days per week as from Thursday 21st May, and Leanne is looking forward to seeing you all again with a new and we hope, enticing summer menu that will be gradually introduced over the next few days.

Outdoor table service will be available at the Half Way House. We request you observe social distancing and safety measures as set out on the information notice at the Half -Way House and also comply with our standard 10-minute maximum stop while there.

Also, as from Thursday 21st May we will be offering Club house beverage service from 7.00 am through 7.00 pm, 7 days per week

Bar service is currently prohibited, as is indoor dining or drinking. However, both outdoor balconies will be open for your enjoyment.

Detailed safety regulations are posted in the clubhouse which we request all guests take time to read before entry.

In summary:

  • Food and beverage staff have been fully advised by management as to health and safety measures relating to food and beverage service standards pertaining to Covid-19 as required by government guidelines.
  • Food and beverage staff are required to wear face masks and gloves at all times during working hours and attending guests.
  • Food and beverage staff will be subject to temperature checks prior to the start of each shift.
  • Although not mandatory, we recommend guests allow staff to also check your temperature. Should a guest’s temperature exceed the designated maximum temperature, please respect our advice to return home immediately and seek medical advice.
  • Hand gel will be conveniently located for your use.
  • Only one guest is permitted to use the toilets at any one time.
  • All beverages purchased must be consumed on the outside balconies and not within the clubhouse -take away beverages of course an exception.
  • Staff will set location of tables in compliance with government guidelines.
  • Please assist our compliance with government guidelines by not moving location of tables.
  • A maximum of ten people are permitted to be seated at any one table.
  • Food and beverage staff will regulate the number of guests on each balcony to ensure compliance with government guidelines.
  • Please do not socialise with other guests by moving between your delegated tables
  • Whenever possible for the safety of our guests and staff, we ask that invoices be paid electronically.
  • Guests are not required to wear masks or gloves however both will be available upon request.
  • Outdoor food service will recommence on 1st June with details to follow.

Despite the above restrictions we promise you cold beer, wonderful coffee, excellent wine and behind our masks, a big welcome back smile.

Peter Copping


General Manager