Become a member of Secret Valley, not only will you play more golf but you’ll make friends for life.

Joining a golf club will make it easier to meet new people to play with. You will find plenty of fellow members you feel comfortable with and who play at a time and level that suits your lifestyle and experience, remember the handicap system in golf allows players of any age, experience or skill to play together and enjoy a competitive game.

There’s no better way to make friends in the sport than getting involved in the social life of your golf club. If you are new to the area or wanting to make a fresh start, perhaps because you’ve lost a loved one, you’ll find our golf club welcoming and full of potential new friendships. However you want to join and whatever your lifestyle, you are sure to find a package that suits your needs, here are some of many memberships that are on offer…

2019 Benefits


All persons applying for membership must complete the Club’s relevant forms and the management of Secret Valley Golf Club reserves the right to approve or decline any application at its sole discretion.